Help Us Organize and Mobilize… Volunteer!

We need your help in building a long-term movement for change. Work with us to raise a stronger voice for non-violence, social justice, and sustainability in our community. Fill out our online Volunteer Application to let us know how YOU want to help.

Here are just some of the things you can help us with:

  • Monthly Newsletters:
    • Writing articles
    • Collating and preparing post
  • Video:
    • Recording events
    • Editing videos and posting them online
  • Computer skills:
    • Website design and maintenance
    • Graphic design for flyers, etc.
    • Technical support
    • Post to our Facebook
  • Regular events (help with promoting events, soliciting donations, setting up and cleaning up, planning and coordination):
    • Weekly vigils
    • Voices for Peace concerts
    • Monthly committee meetings (steering committee, education committee)
    • Annual HOPE Festival
    • Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration
    • Annual Harvest Supper
    • Periodic Rallies, Walks and Marches
  • Housekeeping (tidying up the Center)
  • General:
    • Posting flyers around town
    • Annual membership appeals/Fundraising
    • Writing thank-you letters
    • Writing letters to the editor
  • Petitioning or simply signing our petitions
  • Planning house parties and other social events

Help keep the Peace and Justice Center growing! Volunteer occasionally, or become a regular volunteer. We would love your support! Fill out our online Volunteer Application to let us know how YOU want to help.

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