25 Apr

Maine Lawyers for Democracy Impeachment Press Conference

Maine Lawyers for Democracy Press Conference
Federal Building in Bangor (202 Harlow St)

******* UPDATE – LOCATION CHANGE *******

Rain is in the forecast—- The Press Conference announcing Maine Lawyers for Democracy endorsement of impeachment has been moved to the Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine at 170 Park Street in Bangor. Same time–11am.


Lynne Williams of Maine Lawyers for Democracy and Dud Hendrick, representing Maine’s Campaign to Impeach, will present a press conference to announce the Maine Attorney group’s call to impeach at the Federal Building at 11am on Friday, April 27th. They join Dennis Kucinich, the Vermont State Senate, Ramsey Clark, scores of cities and towns, and millions of Americans in calling for investigations for impeachment of Bush and Cheney. (See the Maine Lawyers for Democracy statement attached.)

Take a long lunch hour and lend your body, voice, and signs or other visuals to help make this a media event.

Note: We’re closing in on our goal of 10,000 signatures at maineimpeach.org, but we still need help. Print out a copy of the petition and take it with you.

Contact: Lynne Williams, Esq., (202) 266-6327, LWILLIAMSLAW@earthlink.net

Maine Lawyers for Democracy, a group of 65 Maine lawyers, is calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. The group has carefully reviewed the Bush Administration’s actions and concluded that an investigation and impeachment are necessary to hold the Administration accountable.

In early April the group made a call for impeachment at a Portland press conference, and now members from Penobscot and Hancock County are making a similar call. The group is calling upon Representatives Allen and Michaud to commence impeachment proceedings. It is also urging the Maine Legislature to pass a resolution calling for impeachment under a little-used mechanism that enables a state legislature to start impeachment proceedings. Maine Lawyers for Democracy has prepared a detailed position paper setting forth the grounds for impeachment and putting it in the context of historical precedents. They have provided that position paper to Allen, Michaud and all members of the Legislature.

“Impeachment is the Constitution’s mechanism for holding Presidents and Vice Presidents accountable when they abuse their positions,” said John Kaminski, the Chair of Maine Lawyers for Democracy. According to Bar Harbor attorney Lynne Williams, who has been involved in conducting educational workshops about impeachment in various communities, there are a number of reasons to call for impeachment. “The actions of the Administration in deceiving
Congress and the Nation about the threat posed by Iraq to illegally justify starting the war are particularly outrageous and just the start.” said Williams. “This Administration violated the U. N. Charter to which the U.S. is a party. And, by blatantly lying, they violated the trust of the America people,” she further notes.

Other abuses of power cited by the lawyers’ group as grounds for impeachment include the illegal domestic wiretapping program, illegal detention of both citizens and non-citizens and the Administration’s use and condoning of torture.

The call for impeachment is growing in Maine. The organization maineimpeach.org reports almost 8500 people have signed its online petition. The group hopes to collect 10,000 or more signatures to present to Allen, Michaud and the Legislature.

Maine Lawyers for Democracy was founded in 2005 amidst growing concern about the deterioration in the health of our nation’s democracy. Membership consists of 65 Maine attorneys committed to constructive action and debate to preserve and protect our nation’s democratic principles and ideals. MLD’s basic mission is to “promote the democratic process and the free exercise of Constitutional rights and liberties; to provide a forum in which to discuss issues related to democracy in America; to present and endorse proposals for the preservation and protection of democracy; to communicate with Maine’s legislature, its Congressional delegation and others with respect to such proposals; and to monitor the qualification of judicial nominees in order to ensure that the judicial branch remains independent and committed to defending democratic principles and the Constitutional rights and liberties of all.”

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