20 Jul

Hiroshima Day Commemoration 2017

Hiroshima “Die in” Planned for Bangor on August 6th

hiroshima die in

A commemoration of the 72nd   anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be held on Sunday, August 6th at noon at Westmarket Square in Bangor .  Members of the Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine invite the public to the event which will include readings, and a symbolic “die-in”.   Participants may simply stand as  witnesses or lie down  in a symbolic “die -in” to represent those who died and those who survived.  

Bangor mayor, Joe Baldacci,will read a statement from the former mayor of Hiroshima.Tom Hassler-White will sing the song, “ Girl of the Paper Cranes”, he composed about Sadako, a young girl who died of injuries from the nuclear blast and the thousand origami cranes she hoped to fold.  Area churches have been invited to toll their bells at @ 12:15 as part of the commemoration.

The purpose of the gathering is to remember a dark time in history, memorialize those who died and those who survived and recommit to doing everything possible to create a safe and peaceful future without the threat of nuclear weapons.

For more information call Ilze Petersons at 944-2609

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