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April 16, 2007


BANGOR — On Thursday, April 19th, the Penobscot Bay Occupation Project will hold a public mourning demonstration in front of the Federal Building at 202 Harlow Street. The demonstration will begin at 11:00 a.m. and will continue for several hours.

The purpose of the demonstration is to call on Senator Susan Collins to vote against additional funding for the war and occupation of Iraq. A people-powered display of moving figures will represent human suffering as a cost of the war.

Twelve members of Penobscot Bay Occupation Project were arrested at Senator Collins’s office on March 7, protesting the Senator’s support for continued funding of the Iraq War. According to a statement prepared by Vietnam War veteran Doug Rawlings for his court arraignment last week: “I plead not guilty, your honor, out of my deep respect for the humanity of our country’s service women and men. It is not I who am guilty of criminal trespass – it is our senators and representatives who continue to fund this illegal and immoral war in Iraq who are guilty of trespassing into our homes, taking away our citizen soldiers, and holding them captive in their criminal war.

“Your honor, we stood in Senator Collins’s building, our federal building, to tell her that Maine’s soldiers are not bait. Our message is simple and clear – bring the troops home immediately; cut all the funding for the war except for those funds needed to bring the troops home, providing them with the best medical care possible; and provide adequate reparations for the Iraqi people to help them heal their country.”

Senator Collins has repeatedly expressed her opposition to the President’s plan to send additional troops to Iraq. The Penobscot Bay Occupation Project calls on her to support the troops and save lives by voting against funding.

submitted by:

Judy Robbins, on behalf of the Penobscot Bay Occupation Project

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