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” The Center is like a kitchen for peacemaking, where a variety of people and ideals are connected to make change possible. It is the hub of activism for Eastern Maine Citizens.”  -Katrina Bisheimer, Steering Committe

Mobilize and Organize

– Weekly Vigils

– Petitions

– Signature Ads

– Rallies/walks/marches





Educate and Share Resources

– Shared Space

– Monthly Newsletter

– Monthly Film Series

– Teach-ins

– Lending Library

Celebrate the Power of Connections

“… we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.” – Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of  the U.S. 



Photo of the P&J Center from the back

Photo of the P&J Center from the back, looking out on Harlow. (Click photo to enlarge.)


Contact Us. It is folks like you who keep the Center going and growing as a hub of grassroots activism.

Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine
96 Harlow Street, Suite 100
Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: (207) 942-9343
Fax: (207) 992-2288
email: info@peacectr.org

If you would like to be on the Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine’s e-mail action alert list or get the monthly newsletter please e-mail the Center with your e-mail and/or snail mail address.

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